Jason McBride has been a firearms instructor for the past 16 years.  His extensive firearms background includes military and law enforcement experience.  He served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, where part of his duties included serving as a Rifle Range Coach.  He is an active gun enthusiast and enjoys bringing his firearms skills and knowledge to others.

River City Firearms Training offers a variety of courses that are taught by experienced instructors.  Whether you’re a lifelong shooter or a beginner, we have a course that will suit your needs. 

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River City Firearms Training is

Private Basic, Intermediate
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for groups of 4 or more.


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               River City Firearms Training is located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and offers a wide variety of courses for beginner to advanced shooters.  For those interested in carrying a concealed firearm, we offer the Missouri Concealed Carry Course.  For beginner students, we offer a Basic Pistol Shooting Course.  These classes include intensive instruction on firearm safety and gun handling practices, pistol and ammunition components and operation, shooting fundamentals and live-fire activities.  We also provide helpful information on purchasing the handgun that is right for you.  We recommend anyone who is planning to take a concealed carry course first enroll in a basic pistol shooting course. In addition, instructors with a background in military and law enforcement are involved in every course we offer. 

               River City Firearms Training also offers an intermediate and advanced defensive pistol course.  Under most circumstances, we require students wishing to enroll in one of these courses to first complete the Basic Pistol Shooting Course.  This allows the instructors to evaluate your shooting skills and abilities.  The intermediate defensive pistol course is an introduction to engaging targets from a distance, shooting from multiple positions and reloading.  Our advanced defensive pistol course gives students the skills needed to shoot safely, effectively and consistently in highly stressful defensive situations.  Students interested in our advanced course must first complete the basic and intermediate courses.  Admittance into the intermediate and advanced courses is highly selective and we reserve the right to refuse or deny teaching these techniques at our discretion.  The ultimate goal of these courses is to build a student’s confidence with the pistol they have chosen for personal defense. 

               In addition to a variety of courses offered for every skill level, River City Firearms Training also offers private classes for groups of 10 or more people wishing to enroll in a CCW or basic shooting course.  Please contact us well in advance of the date you wish to have your class so that we are able to schedule you.  Deposits from all members of the private group are required before we can schedule a date for your course. 

               For more information about our courses and rates, give us a call at (573)986-8292 or email us at rivercityfirearmstraining@yahoo.comGift certificates are available on request.  Our instructors will be more than happy to help you find the course and date that works for you.  You must be 19 years of age or older to legally own, possess and/or transport firearms.

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